About Me - Fab Photos by CmyworldPhotography

CmyWorldPhotography is a lifelong dream come true.  Early in my career I traveled across the country as a trucker, tacking pictures along my many travels.   I received my first camera, a Brownie Hawkeye, when I was 10, and that began a lifelong passion.  I lived the majority of my life in Watertown, and earned a degree in business and photo media at Lake Area Technical School.  It was there that I started my business as a portrait photographer. 

I later discovered my real passion was capturing the beauty of the Midwest I saw through the camera lens.  What we see as old and mundane, I see as breathing with life and beauty.  Now I enjoy traveling the back country roads on my motorcycle to discover the places and things of the past.  From old farmsteads and farm equipment, classic cars, to the natural landscape of South Dakota.  I see the beauty still left in the places and objects of the past.  Capturing the beauty of architecture, wildlife and nature scenes are what motivates me.

I currently live in Huron with my fiancee, Stephanie, and work for the Huron School District.   Even though I am busy with my work at the School and Arena, I still enjoy photographing the local county side and people doing everyday things.  

Several of my stills are on display at my fiancee's shop, "Just Fabulous Boutique", located in downtown Huron.  I welcome you to stop and take a look at my work.       Charlie Warner        

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